Rachel Elkind


Rachel Elkind is a professional photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2006, she has done everything from family portraits and headshots to weddings, mitzvahs, fundraisers, and parties. She enjoys the connection she has with her clients and is deeply satisfied by the collaboration that occurs as part of the image creation process.

Her other passion is mixing volunteerism with photography as a way to educate herself and others about contemporary human crises while being able to provide hands on support.  She has been to Ecuadorian orphanages, Indian slums, Hurricane Sandy recovery areas, hospital rooms of terminally ill infants, and the Greek Island of Lesbos to aid Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi refugees fleeing war. Her hope is that her work and connection with those she meets will inspire understanding and compassion in others and fuel more support to humanitarian efforts locally and globally.

She feels honored to be part of people’s history in the making,  whether that’s a family, organization, or entire people’s story.